Sharon Shahaf, an assistant professor who specializes in global television studies, was quoted in the Emmy’s online magazine, given her involvement in their faculty seminar program.  An excerpt:  “Shahaf also appreciated learning how the pros got their first industry jobs — information her students want to know. And she was pleased that she can now cite influential sources as she encourages her students to become better communicators, a necessity in storytelling. ‘I’ve learned how to market to my students,’ she said. “I now have a concrete framework to say it.’”

 Mary Stuckey, a professor of communication who specializes in presidential communication and rhetoric, has been recently interviewed by several outlets for comment on the annual State of the Union address, soon to be given by President Obama.  An interview given to Agence France-Presse has been picked up by several outlets already.  Stuckey is also quoted in a New Republic survey of presidential scholars, each asked to talk about the best State of the Union addresses ever given.

This weekend at Emory University, the debate program held its annual national high school debate tournament, where they induct distinguished debate and forensics educators into a Hall of Fame (the Key Coach Society).   This year’s inductees included Carol Winkler, professor in the Department of Communication and current Associate Dean for the Humanities in the College of Arts and Sciences, for her long-time work on expanding access to debating for students learning in under-resourced public schools.