Liquid Blackness, the research project on blackness and aesthetics that Dr. Alessandra Raengo has organized with a team of colleagues (many of them in the Department of Communication), is organizing a symposium to be hosted by the Department on April 11-12, 2014

From that call: 

The purpose of the symposium, which will bring together scholars, artists and curators, is to begin a conversation about liquidity as an aesthetic form in which blackness is encountered in our contemporary visual and sonic landscape. The idea of the liquidity of blackness emerges both from an observation of salient contemporary aesthetic forms as well as a sort of thought experiment. If, as Harry Elam has argued in his commentary toBlackness for Sale, blackness does indeed “travel on its own, separate and distinct from black people,” then what aesthetic arrangements have become possible as a result of that? Coinciding with the Symposium liquid blackness is requesting proposals for artwork for exhibition, online publication, and panel discussions. We seek to exhibit new or adapted work that engages with aesthetic forms of black liquidity, and/or critical or creative writing.

Please refer to the website – – for a series of concepts that illustrates the notion of liquidity.

Contact Dr. Raengo if you are interested in connecting to the range of projects that is being organized.