Yuki Fujioka was notified on January 30 that a paper she co-authored and submitted to the International Communication Association, simultaneously an ERIC submission for the 2014 conference in Seattle, “Racial Identity, Media, and Perceived Value Orientations: What Contributes to Endorsement of Mainstream American Values?” was ranked among the top three of all the papers submitted to the ICA Ethnicity and Race in Communication Division, and will thus receive honors as among the divisional top papers. ERIC’s awards ceremony will be held during the divisional business meeting at ICA in June, when winners are announced and awards presented.

I misnamed the award given by Emory University to Carol Winkler in last week’s update memo.  Dr. Winkler received the Paul Slappey Diversity Award, which is given to an individual whose work has most profoundly enabled participation in debate activities by populations traditionally excluded.

Andrew Barnes has been notified that a paper he submitted for presentation at the Eastern Communication Association conference, scheduled for April 23-27, 2014 in Providence, Rhode Island, is the Top Paper competitively submitted to the ECA Rhetoric and Public Address Division.  The paper, “Overcoming Global Dissent: Diplomatic Cosmopolitanism at the United Nations General Assembly,” will be presented Thursday April 24.  Other papers to be presented at ECA by Georgia State University colleagues will include research done by Nicole Barnes (“The Persistence of Tokenism” and “Creating the Suburban Housewife: Image Genre and Silencing Dissent”) and Phillip Kostka (“The Booming Voice of ‘Silent Cal’: Dissociation of Unionization in Governor Calvin Coolidge’s Response to the 1919 Boston Police Strike”).