Some of you have closely followed the work done to launch the new peer reviewed journal, Media Industries – Amelia Arsenault has done a tremendous amount of work to organize issue production with a team of colleagues (including Alisa Perren, who began work on this while she was still on the GSU faculty, and several of our most accomplished graduate students).

Now, the first issue of Media Industries is online and submissions are being accepted for future issues. Issue 1 is the first in a series of three issues to be published over the summer that features essays authored by our esteemed editorial board. Each of the board essays discusses the state of the field of media industries studies.

Articles featured in this first issue include:

  • “Welcome to Media Industries” – written by the Editorial Collective: Amelia Arsenault, Stuart Cunningham, Michael Curtin, Terry Flew, Anthony Fung, Jennifer Holt, Paul McDonald, Brian McNair, Alisa Perren, and Kevin Sanson.
  • “Dirt Research For Media Industries” – Charles R. Acland
  • “Media Policy Research and the Media Industries” – Des Freedman
  • “The Value of Ethnography” – Tejaswini Ganti
  • “The Menace of Instrumentalism in Media Industries Research and Education” – David Hesmondhalgh
  • “Placing International Media Production” – Aphra Kerr
  • “On Automation in Media Industries: Integrating Algorithmic Media Production Into Media Industries Scholarship” – Philip Napoli
  • “Film Studies, Cultural Studies, and Media Industry Studies” – Thomas Schatz
  • “Selling Television: Addressing Transformations in the International Distribution of Television Content” – Jeanette Steemers
  • “There Is No Music Industry” – Jonathan Sterne
  • “Globalization Through the Eyes of Runners: Student Interns as Ethnographers on Runaway Productions in Prague” – Petr Szczepanik
  • “The Case for Studying In-Store Media” – Joseph Turow
  • “Industry Proximity” – Patrick Vonderau

This issue as well as all future issues and the submission portal can be found at

Call for PapersMedia Industries is a new peer-reviewed, multi-media, open-access online journal that supports critical studies of media industries and institutions worldwide. We invite contributions that range across the full spectrum of media industries, including film, television, internet, radio, music, publishing, electronic games, advertising, and mobile communications. Submissions may explore these industries individually or examine inter-medial relations between industrial sectors. We encourage both contemporary and historical studies, and are especially interested in contributions that draw attention to global and international perspectives, and use innovative methodologies, imaginative theoretical approaches, and new research directions. More About Media Industries: The journal is maintained by a managing Editorial Collective and Editorial Board comprised of an international group of media industries scholars.