Kirk Wilks, who has long taught for the Department of Communication as a part-time instructor in the public relations area, has a new position at CoreNet Global, where he is now Senior Director of Chapter Development and Member Relations.  CoreNet Global is the world’s largest member association for corporate real estate executives.  Congratulations!

The new GSU Magazine (Quarter 2, 2014, with the peach on the cover) includes a nice short story about Luke Floyd and his debate partner John Finch.   Their success in winning the Southeast Cross-Examination Debate Association championship is recounted (pg. 10-11).


More information has recently circulated from the Rhetoric Society of America concerning its schedule of 2015 summer seminars.  The 2015 RSA Summer Institute in Madison, Wisconsin, will provide the widest array of seminars and workshops since the first summer institute was held in 2005. With seven seminars and twenty-one workshops, the Summer Institute at Madison presents outstanding opportunities for scholars of all ranks and in all areas of rhetorical study to work with leading voices in the field.  The Summer Institute in Madison will be held from Monday June 1 through Sunday June 7, 2015.  Among the seminars is one that will be run by Mary Stuckey on “Political Communication and Campaigns.”  Although the content of these seminars is shaped to some extent by those who enroll and the specific projects they anticipate developing, the wider description anticipates a focus on the coming presidential primary season.


Meanwhile, the National Communication Association has started to announce the spotlight panels that will run at this fall’s Chicago Centennial convention.  Mary Stuckey will participate in two of them – “Political Communication: Our Past(s), Our Present(s)” and “Political Communication: Our Present(s), Our Future(s).”  The panels will feature some of the most impressive scholars at work on these issues – Prof. Stuckey, John Gastil, Rod Hart, Lance Bennett, Michael Delli Carpini, Sharon Jarvis, and others.


The next issue of Global Discourse is set to include an essay byJason Jarvis:  “Digital image politics: the networked rhetoric of Anonymous,” Global Discourse, June 2014.  Here’s the link:  Congratulations!