The Georgia State Department of Communication’s Graduate Committee is now accepting applications for the James Woodruff, Jr., Fellowship. This fellowship, which offers a non-teaching full stipend ($18,000) for the 2015-2016 academic year, will be awarded to a doctoral student who works in either the area of media ethics/responsibility and/or media innovation/technology.
This requirement does not favor one track above another. Students should make an argument connecting their work to either media technology or media ethics or both, but need not interpret these terms too literally. The fellowship frees the recipient from teaching but not from the supervised research component of a normal departmental assistantship.
Applications consist of 1) a current hard copy of the applicant’s CV and 2) a brief (no more than 5-page) description of the project in hard copy, including a rationale that connects the project to media technology and/or ethics; lays out a claim to the project’s significance; commits to a specific work product (not just the completion of a dissertation); and proposes a specific strategy for disseminating the outcome (journal submission, etc.).
The applicant’s advisor must send, via e-mail, a short but substantial (250-500 word) confidential letter that addresses specifically the merits of the project, the schedule for completion, and the student’s competency to complete it within that schedule. Letters of support should also speak to the role of media ethics and/or technology in the project.
All parts of the application (CV, project description/rationale, and advisor’s letter of support) are due to Tawanna by March 15, 2015