The Graduate Committee invites applications from doctoral candidates for 5th year funding. This funding is awarded on a competitive basis to applicants who have made considerable progress toward degree. By 5pm MARCH 15, 2015, please submit the following materials toTawanna Tookes if you wish to receive 5th year support:
  • an updated CV
  • a statement (no longer than one page) that indicates your progress in the PhD program. Be as specific as possible, and include the date of completion for your comprehensive exams and prospectus defense
  • updated evidence of your teaching effectiveness, which may consist of summary information and need not include a fuller portfolio
  • a list of courses you would be able to teach in a funded 5th year
We will accept hard copies or electronic copies of these materials. Note, however, that March 15 is the Sunday prior to Spring Break. If you will submit any materials in hard copy, plan ahead to have hard copies in by the 13th.
Please also ask your dissertation adviser to send a confidential email directly to Tawanna Tookes that expresses her or his support (or lack thereof) of 5th year funding and that provides a detailed assessment of your progress in the program.  This email should be succinct and received by 5pm MARCH 20.
The graduate committee will make funding decisions based on this information, allocating funding on a competitive basis as our budgeting and application needs allow. We will respond with a decision as soon as we’re able given the unfolding budget and application cycle.