Congratulations to all the GSU Communication scholars who presented at this year’s Society for Cinema and Media Studies, March 25-29 in Montreal.


The doctoral program in Moving Image Studies was very well represented this year:

  • Laurel Ahnert: “Psyche Is Extended: Planet of Snail, Jean-Luc Nancy and the Subjective Aesthetics of Documentary”
  • Maria Boyd, “Kevin Feige: Marvel’s Franchise Management Superhero”
  • Lauren Cramer: “Mapping Black Space in Hip-hop’s Visual Culture”
  • Jake Ivan Dole, ““The Soviet Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Understanding Brezhnev-era Historical Adventure Television Films and Their Audiences”
  • Jenny Gunn, “Cinematic Potentialities in ‘Literalist Art’: A Re-examination of Michael Fried’s Art and Objecthood
  • Justin Horton, “Feeling a Body That Is Not There; or, Her as Tuning Fork”
  • Kristin Juarez, “Phantom Limb: Technology, Gesture, and Disappearance in Wim Wenders’s Pina
  • Munib Rezaie, “The Politics of Political Non-involvement: Mutualistic Power Relations and Filmmaking in a Non-democratic State”
  • Ian Peters “‘Use the Force, Bob’—LARPing and Pedagogy in Themed Space Exhibitions”
  • Matthew Smith, “Mediumship(s): Technology and Gender in Recent Haunted House Media”

Lauren Cramer also participated in the workshop “Black Visual Culture and Black Cinema: Is Black Film Dead?” and Maria Boyd participated in the workshop “Graduate Student Teaching: Politics and Practical Advice,” organized and mediated by Justin Horton.

In addition to current students, Moving Image Studies alumni presented their work:

  • Drew Ayers, Independent Scholar, “Digital Swarms, Composite Images, and the Posthumanity of Visual Effects”
  • Kristopher Cannon, Northeastern University, “The Visible Residue of Digital Relations: Rendering Ec-static Forms of Non-humans into Visibility”
  • Karen Petruska, University of California, Santa Barbara,”‘If You Haven’t Seen It, It’s New to You’: Streaming Media, Originality, and the Branding of Non-US Content”
  • Steven Pustay, Malone University, “The Digital Dasein: Anxiety, Possibility, and Being-towards Death in Contemporary Moving Images”

GSU Communication faculty also presented papers and participated on workshops:

  • Amelia Arsenault presented “Big Data, the Media Industries, and ‘the Geeks Who Shoot Turkeys’”
  • Jennifer M. Barker presented “You’ve Always Been Synaesthetic: Haunted Phenomenology and Primordial Synaesthesia.”
  • Ethan Tussey presented “A Website to ‘Embiggen the Smallest’ Fan: The Promise of Audience Control on The Simpsons World” and chaired the workshop “Digital Toy Boxes Tools, Platforms, and Peripherals Designed for Play”
  • Alessandra Raengo participated in the workshop “Black Visual Culture and Black Cinema: Is Black Film Dead?”
  • Angelo Restivo participated in the workshop “New Approaches to Pornography”

Looking forward to SCMS 2016, right here in Atlanta.