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MA Student Assistantships

While assistantships are prioritized for doctoral students, a number of assistantships are offered to promising M.A. students.  As a rule, assistantships at the M.A. level do not involve teaching.  M.A. graduate assistants generally work ten hours weekly in varying capacities as support staff for our undergraduate and graduate programs: as projectionists for the weekly screenings in our various courses; as equipment checkout personnel for our production equipment; as assistants in the Digital Arts and Entertainment Laboratory (DAEL); and in various other capacities.  In addition, all graduate assistants must work five hours per week assisting a faculty member (assigned to them) in a research or creative project.  Generally, production M.A. students would be assigned to one of our production faculty, where they would assist on various production projects.  M.A. studies students would be assigned to one of our Moving Image Studies faculty, where they would assist in a scholarly research project.

The minimum assistantship for M.A. level students is $5,500 for the academic year.  Additional funding may be available in the summer, but is not guaranteed.  All assistantships waive the cost of tuition and matriculation fees; however assistantships do not cover student fees. Graduate teaching and research assistants also receive access to subsidized health insurance: check back here for updated information on that.

Student assistants are evaluated every year in April.  Assistantships are renewable for the second and sometimes the third year, provided the student has successfully performed the duties of the assistantship and is making satisfactory progress toward the degree.

Assistantships are awarded to full-time students only.  All students on assistantship must register for 18 credit hours per semester: 9 to 11 hours of coursework, and the remaining 7 to 9 hours in Directed Research under their assigned faculty member.

Full details of assistantship policies and procedures can be found in the M.A. Handbook.

Download the Grad Assistantship App FY 2016-2017 here.

Current graduate assistants, find resources here.

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