Moving Image Studies

School of Film, Media, and Theatre – College of the Arts – Georgia State University

Ph.D. Placement

Maria Boyd

  • Unscripted: The Invisible Labor of Reality TV Writers (2015)
  • Assistant Professor, Delaware County Community College

Darcey West

  • The Evolution of Cable Network Branding: Time Warner in the Post-Network Era, 2001-2011 (2015)
  • Assistant Professor, Communications and Media Studies, Goucher College

Kristopher Cannon

  • Oblique Optics: Seeing the Queerness of Ec-static Images (2013)
  • Assistant Academic Specialist, Northeastern University

Drew Ayers

  • Vernacular Posthumanism: Visual Culture and Material Imagination (2012)
  • Assistant Professor, Film Studies, Eastern Washington University

Michele Beverly

  • Phenomenal Bodies: The Metaphysical Possibilities of Post-Black Film and Visual Culture (2012)
  • Assistant Professor, Film Studies, Mercer University

Karen Petruska

  • The Critical Eye: Re-Viewing 1970s Television (2012)
  • Assistant Professor, Communication Studies, Gonzaga University

Elizabeth Cohen

  • Exploring Subtext Processing in Narrative Persuasion: The Role of Eudaimonic Entertainment Use Motivation and a Supplemental Conclusion Scene (2012)
  • Assistant Professor, West Virginia University

Rondee Gaines

  • I am a Revolutionary Black Female Nationalist: A Womanist Analysis of Fulani Sunni Ali’s Role as a New African Citizen and Minister of In-formation in the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Africa (2013)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor and Heanon-Wilkins Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of. Media, Journalism, and Film, Miami (Ohio) University

Nneka Logan

  • The Ontological Scandal of Corporate Personhood and Speech: A Rhetorical Analysis of Key Supreme Court Decisions (2013)
  • Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

Teresa Morales

  • The Last Stone is Just the Beginning: A Rhetorical Biography of Washington National Cathedral (2013)
  • Assistant Professor, Cameron University

Randahl Morris

  • Reconsidering Testimonial Forms and Social Justice: A Study of Official and Unofficial Testimony in Chile (2012)
  • Assistant Professor, University of West Georgia

Richard Herder

  • Strategies of Narrative Disclosure in the Rhetoric of Anti-Corporate Campaigns (2012)
  • Assistant Professor of Speech Communication, Southwest Minnesota State University

Sam Perry

  • Competing Image Vernaculars in the Anti-lynching Movement of the 1930’s (2011)
  • Assistant Professor, Baylor University, Baylor Interdisciplinary Core

Farooq Kperogi

  • Webs of Resistance: The Citizen Online Journalism of the Nigerian Digital Diaspora (2011)
  • Assistant Professor, Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw, GA)


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