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School of Film, Media, and Theatre – College of the Arts – Georgia State University

2014 Conference Schedule

Rendering (the)Visible II: Figure

THURSDAY, February 6, 2014

7:00pm, Kopleff Auditorium, Georgia State University

Screening of video and new media art, curated and introduced by Professor Timothy Murray, Cornell University
Roundtable discussion will follow.

FRIDAY, February 7, 2014, 25 Park Place

9am-10:30am, room 830


Chair: Jack Boozer, Georgia State University

“Rewatching the Unattainable Text: Viewing Practice and Figural Criticism”
Jordan Schonig, University of Chicago

“‘Give Me an Image, Then!’: Cinematic Pictorialism In-between the ‘Figural’ and ‘Figuration’”
Ágnes Pethő, University of Transylvania

“Inserting Comics into the Popular History of the Figural”
Greg M. Smith, Georgia State University

10:45am-12:30pm, room 830

Biopolitical Immanences

Chair: Brian Price, University of Toronto

“Rendering Immanence: Biopolitics and Vitalism in Carlos Reygadas’ Battle in Heaven
Elena del Río, University of Alberta

“Figuring Repetition in Jim Jarmusch’s The Limits of Control
Adam Cottrel, Georgia State University

“Ma che siamo Buchenwald qua? Figures of Camp and Metropolis in European Cinema 1945-65”
Louis-Georges Schwartz, Ohio University

“Fanon’s Muscles and Other Spasms”
Alessandra Raengo, Georgia State University

1:30pm-3:15pm, room 830


Chair: Nathan Atkinson, Georgia State University

“What Persists in Iconoclasm”
Brian Price, University of Toronto

“Disfiguring Digital Visibility: Pixels as Figures of Ec-Static Digital Aesthetics”
Kristopher Cannon, Northeastern University

“Playing Dead: The Figural and the Figurative in Pictorial Representations of Bodies in Contemporary Hungarian Cinema”
Hajnal Király, University of Lisbon

“The Crucial Almosts of the Cinematic Image: Jean-Louis Schefer’s L’Homme ordinaire du cinema
C. Elise Harris, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

3:30-5pm, room 1042


Chair: Ethan Tussey, Georgia State University

“Child-Animators and Engineered Accidents at the Yellow Ball Workshop”
Ryan Pierson, University of Pittsburgh

“Camera Issues”
Daniel Reynolds, Emory University

“In Search of the Figural in Google Street View”
Cheryl Gilge, University of Washington

3:30-5pm, room 1113


Chair: Ted Friedman, Georgia State University

“Sonic Literacy and the Art of Social Resonance”
Mary Hocks, Georgia State University

“Queer Figures? Cinematic Orientations in Contemporary Lesbian Film”
Katharina Lindner, University of Stirling

“Drone Visuality”
Joshua Neves, Brown University

5:30 Keynote (room 830)

“Ornament and Law: Figuring Legal Personhood.”
Professor Anne Anlin Cheng, Princeton University

7pm Reception (DAEL studio, first floor, One Park Place)

SATURDAY, February 8, 2014

10-11:45am, room 1042


Chair: Louis Ruprecht, Georgia State University

“Naturalism is King: The Figure in Beyond the Forest and Ruby Gentry
Agustin Zarzosa, Purchase College-SUNY

“Empathetic Viewing: The Invisible-Present Figure of Pain and Loss in Jay Rosenblatt’s Phantom Limb
Laurel Ahnert, Georgia State University

“The Color of Absence”
Natasha Chuk, School of Visual Arts

“Listen to the Call: Enter the Void!”
Arzu Karaduman, Georgia State University

10-11:45am, room 1113


Chair: Jim Roberts, Georgia State University

“Ubiquity and Absence: The Diagrammatic Figure of Early Film Stardom”
Jennifer Wild, University of Chicago

“The Unfulfilled Figure: Figural Film Analysis and Benjamin’s ‘Continuum of Experience’”
Gabriella Blasi, University of Queensland

“The Uncanny Hybrids of Motion Capture in Video Games”
Tanine Allison, Emory University

“Making Nothing of Something: the Figural, Absence and Narrative Photography”
Melanie McDougald, Georgia State University

1:15-3:00pm, room 1042


Chair: Greg Smith, Georgia State University

“Hygiene, Contagion, Toxicity: Figuring Molecular Life in the 21st Century”
Megan Fernandes, Brown University

“Crowd Simulation, Digital Agents, and the Threat of Swarm Intelligence”
Drew Ayers, Northeastern University

“Calling Out: Viewing the Black Body in the Space of Abjection”
Lauren M. Cramer, Georgia State University

“Hip-Hop Time Travel vs. Psychotropic Worms: Notes on Sampling in Upstream Color
Steve Spence, Clayton State University

1:15-3:00pm, room 1113


Chair: Niklas Vollmer, Georgia State University

“The Figuration of Gay Male AIDS and the Rendering Visible of Media Archaeology”
Richard Cante, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“The Figural, Experimental Documentaries, and Archival Images”
Vinicius Navarro, Georgia Tech University

“Audible, Visible, Impossible: Miles Davis as Figural Hinge”
Charles P. Linscott, Ohio University

3:15-5:00pm, room 830

The Inhuman

Chair: Meghan Sutherland, University of Toronto

“Inhuman Television”
Angelo Restivo, Georgia State University

“The Alphabet as Event: On The ABCs of Death
Eugenie Brinkema, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Rendering the Audible: Resonance, Synchrony, and Hue in Upstream Color
Amy Herzog, Queens College-CUNY

5:30pm Keynote (room 830)

“Figures of Resilience: Gesture, Screen, Power.”
Pasi Väliaho, Goldsmiths, University of London.

7pm Reception (DAEL studio, first floor, One Park Place)

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